Workshop LaTeX 2013

GRIDS and NEEMEC are once again organising and hosting another LaTeX Workshop, on 7-8 January, 2013. This edition of the workshop will be a two-day event, one basic and introductory module divided in two sessions. For more information on this event please follow this link.

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GRIDS master theses 2011-12

GRIDS Master students and researchers have presented their final work reports for 2011-12. Detailed information on each work can be found following this link.

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ESAFORM 2013 @ University of Aveiro

GRIDS/TEMA is organising the 16th International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, in April 2013. The 16th International ESAFORM conference will cover a multitude of disciplines related to material forming (with materials ranging from metals and polymers to ceramics and composites). Other materials, for example, biomaterials are also within the scope of the conference. All traditional and new forming processes are relevant. It is expected that a variety of techniques including theoretical analyses, experimental testing and numerical simulations will be used. A good combination of fundamental approaches and applied science will be particularly welcomed. Traditionally, this conference is organised around a series of mini-symposia.

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GRIDS Research Divisions

The group has grown significantly during the last few years and is now structured in five interconnected research divisions. The five divisions are DAPS (Division of Armour & Protection Systems), DiMEO (Division of Mechanical Engineering Optimisation), DiFrACT (Division of Fracture & Advanced Computational Techniques), DiPForm (Division of Plastic Forming) and DiSDyn (Division of Structural Dynamics). For further information on the research activities of these divisions please follow the links on the right banner on this page.

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Working with us

Through this link you will be able to find information on research grants, open calls, extracurricular cooperative work, etc. There is one open call announcement!

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GRIDS e-Newsletter

You can download our free e-Newsletter here or contact us if you want to submit a contribution.


To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

J.C. Pierce

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Division of Armour & Protection Systems


Division of Mechanical Engineering Optimisation


Division of Fracture & Advanced Computational Techniques


Division of Plastic Forming


Division of Structural Dynamics