2nd Edition Workshop| Advanced Lightweight Materials and Structures

Within the field of advanced applications in engineering, lightweight materials and structures can offer a wide range of opportunities for new product developments as well as improvements on existing solutions. The present workshop intends to focus on recent developments in such materials and structures, based on cellular solid materials with an unprecedented spectrum of attractive functional and structural properties, relying on the combination of geometric arrangement of the internal cellular structure and the properties of the base material. Included in the cellular solid material class are man-made materials such as, for example, porous materials, engineering honeycombs and polymeric, metallic, ceramic and composite foams, as well as natural materials, such as wood, cork and bone. These materials can be used in numerous industrial applications, such as lightweight structures, impact energy absorbers, biomedical devices and implants, filters, electrodes, catalysts and heat exchangers. This workshop will illustrate some of these examples, describing how they are used in engineering, nature and medicine. The workshop will combine a series of lectures given by researchers in this field with hands-on experimental and/or numerical relevant works. The organizing committee hopes this can be an opportunity for an interesting benchmark and exchange of ideas between university and industry members.

Workshop Location

Auditorium/Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Aveiro


29 APRIL 2015

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