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Excel-based modelling tool for water distribution systems

The scientific research devoted to modelling and simulation of water supply systems is, most of the times, dependent on the use of computer simulation programmes which requires a previous understanding on each specific programme particularities. At the same time, such programmes do not demonstrate to be simple and intuitive enough for teaching practices in the field of hydraulics. Therefore, a numerical educative tool using a spreadsheet of the popular and well-known Microsoft Excel, was developed on Water GRIDS for modelling and simulation of water networks. The proposed tool provides a model and allows an extended-period simulation of a single-pumped water distribution network, following the same methodology used by the hydraulic simulator EPANET 2.0.

Intuitive and easy to adapt to several situations, the developed Excel-based tool demonstrates great potential, not only for decision-support concerning the application of certain efficiency measures but also for pedagogical activities, allowing to understand with detail and immediately (by a table or graph) the effect of any control and/or design change in the daily operation of a water network, and hence in the associated daily energetic costs.

Download the Excel-based tool  [Last update: August 2014]

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