Bruno Daniel Cordeiro Pereira


-Optimisation methods
-Finite element methods
-Smart Water technologies
-Monitoring and control technologies


  • 2008-2013: MSc Degree, Integrated Master in Mechanical Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Completed the MSc Degree with a grade of 13/20, with the dissertation “Water pumping systems – analysis and optimization” (grade 17/20) under the coordination of Prof. A. Gil Andrade Campos and Prof. José Paulo Santos.


  • January 2014 – Present: Research Fellow

Researcher in the project Development of a multi-purpose solar façade (SEnergy – Desenvolvimento de uma fachada energética modular), Society cooperation Project with T&T Multieléctrica, Lda (QREN Project nº 34143);

  • June 2013 – November 2013: Research Fellow

Researcher in the project Development of numerical tools and algorithms for energetic optimization of water supply systems (Desenvolvimento de ferramentas numéricas e algoritmos para otimização energética de sistemas de abastecimento de água), Society cooperation Project with Telesensor, Lda (QREN Project nº 23699).

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